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"I’m insecure about how I look… I was looking at some stills from the show that are up online. [In the past] I was like, "When I am successful, I’m going to look differently. I will have had more surgery, I will be thinner. And that will equal me being successful." And then I was looking at myself with all the imperfections that I see, and still people are relating to this character, people are connecting to her. On social media people love Sophia. So I’m on this show that is kind of a hit now and I don’t look like Beyoncé. I haven’t had the extreme makeover to look like that, so maybe I can just be authentically myself. Maybe that’s enough." - Laverne Cox 
Margaery’s kindness had been unfailing, and her presence changed everything.


the walking dead meme: eight main characters [3/8]

my shit never stopped being together.
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Marvel Meets Tumblr (Insp)

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