We all make bad choices. It’s just, some of us got different bad choices to make.


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"I would despair if you did.."
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barry allen [arrow universe] + text posts

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please tag your eruri hate as #im wrong

i just finished s1 yesterday and i dont even know if there is a wrong ship   


I’m SO ANGRY. I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY. Why do I have to live in a world where women’s phones are hacked and private pictures stolen from them?? Why are we talking about whether or not those pictures are fake, or how you should never take nude photos of yourself, or literally anything, when we as a society should be burning this 4chan fucker to the ground??? Women should be allowed to exist in a private way the way that male actors are, there isn’t a single male actor on that list, they’re actually being treated like human beings while now we’ve got people acting like they have any right to these actresses decisions and bodies, why do people feel like it’s at all their place to even talk about the choices that these women have made what a fucking PIECE OF SHIT WAY TO REMIND ME THAT WE AS WOMEN HAVE SO LITTLE OWNERSHIP OVER OUR BODIES I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY WITH ALL YALL FUCKERS RIGHT NOW

coming home to find all the shit that went down today   i will unfollow and block your ass so fucking fast if i see that shit on my dash   literally bye   

I am the danger.

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I do know some things. I know I love you. I know you love me.

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